Up for Debate

Up for Debate is a larp for 4 participants, written by ChatGPT–3.5 with help from Mo Holkar

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Up for Debate is the result of an experiment in asking ChatGPT to design a chamber larp. You can judge for yourself how successful it was, or wasn't. Hopefully you'll find it interesting, at least.

Here's the prompt:

"Suggest a larp setting and story, for a group of four characters, to occupy about three hours of play. The themes should centre around rivalry, unfulfilled hopes, disappointment and betrayal, and the hope of something pure emerging from the suffering. The setting should be modern-day real-world. The four characters should all be of equal importance to the story, and equally able to see themselves as the protagonist -- whether heroic or flawed. Suggest a series of scenes from which the larp can be structured."

The setting that ChatGPT hit on is: a prestigious university's debate team. But of course if you ran the prompt again, it would be something quite different.

You can download the script here: Up for Debate (pdf)

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