Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry is a larp for 4–6 participants, written by Holger Pick and Mo Holkar. It was first run at Tallinn International Larp Festival 2020, and then at Grenselandet 2022.

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Here's the pitch:

"In Dirty Laundry, the characters are 4–6 people aged 40-plus in the real modern world, around the year 2021. In their youth, they were in a (fairly) successful rock/pop band together. There were musical and other disagreements, and they split up, acrimoniously.
Now one of their old songs has become an international hit, thanks to being used in an advertisement. Someone has suggested doing a reunion tour, which will make enough money for all of them to retire comfortably. They have gathered together again to rehearse the old songs, and maybe write a couple of new ones, and also to settle (maybe…) their disagreements.
At the end of the larp, they will each decide whether to take part in the reunion, or not.

You can download the script here: Dirty Laundry (pdf)

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