Tremendous articles about larp that you should 100% read!

(this is a list in progress)

Tremendous talks about larp that you should 100% watch!

(this is a list in progress)

Tremendous larps that you should 100% read, or maybe even run!

(this is a list in progress)

My own stuff

I'm gathering together here some of my chamber larp scripts and other things from recent years. Do let me know if you run any of these – it'd be great to hear how they went!

Read about, and download, larps!


Some of them have got places where references or more detailed explanations are yet to be completed – but they're all basically runnable from these scripts.

These larps are all free to use, under the Creative Commons licence that you'll see at the foot of this page.

Still to come

Other larps that might appear here in due course:

Other sites


And not written by me – it's by Malcolm Campbell – but inspired by one of my larps:

Writing for others

I've done bits and bobs of character writing etc for other people's larps, including Fairweather Manor, Suffragette!, and Reborn.

Organizing and editing stuff

I'm an organizer of The Game Kitchen, and was for the first five years of The Smoke: London's International Larp Festival, and helped with Just a Little Lovin' 2019 UK. I'm an editor at, and have contributed editing work to several KP-books.


As well as writing larps, I also write about larps. Thank you to Lorraine Kipling for suggesting how to organize these!

About political (loosely) matters

About design techniques etc

About alcohol

Reviews of activity / explainers


My blog

Other game-related work

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