Life Lessons

Life Lessons is a larp for 5–12 participants and a GM/facilitator, written by Mo Holkar. It was designed for Grenselandet 2018. It won the 2018 Golden Cobra Challenge for 'Best Larp Incorporating an Act of Creation'!

Public domain image of hospital beds, from Wikimedia Commons
(image: public domain, from Wikimedia Commons link)

Here's the pitch:

“Drawing a live human model can sometimes reveal more about you than it does about the subject. In this larp, you will play a group of students at a weekly life-drawing class, across a series of six lessons. The process of drawing will open up your characters – to themselves, and to each other – and they will share and bond.
It’s important to bear in mind that this larp is not really about drawing: you don’t have to be able to draw, or even to enjoy drawing, to take part. Drawing is just a mechanism for approaching the exploration of your character. What you draw during the larp will not be seen by anyone other than yourself, unless you wish it to.”

You can download the script here: Life Lessons (pdf)

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