Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is an online larp for 2 participants, written by Mo Holkar. It was written during the coronavirus lockdown, in October 2021.

Public domain image of a mermaid, from pixabay.com
(image: OneNJenifer on Flickr)

Pillow Talk is designed to be played online. It takes place via audio only – there is no video component.

Here's the pitch:

"In Pillow Talk, the two participants play a couple, in a series of scenes taken from different stages of their relationship. Each scene takes the form of a conversation, lying in bed together. None of the scenes actually involve sex, although they may involve talking about it, if the participants both wish to. Ideally the participants will themselves each be lying in bed, in the dark, connected via audio chat. But whatever’s practical."

You can download the script here: Pillow Talk (zip of mp3s and pdf)

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