Real Men

Real Men is a freeform / chamber larp for 6–8 participants, written by Kevin Burns and Mo Holkar. It was written for Grenselandet in 2015.

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Here's the pitch:

“Real Men follows the lives of a group of male friends, from when they first meet at the age of 19 in the mid-80s up to the present day.
What is it to be a ‘real’ man? What are the hopes, fantasies and fears men have about themselves? What happens when men accept, or reject, society’s ideas about manhood? What do we, as men, hide from others in order to portray ourselves as ‘real men’?
“Real Men is open to anyone to play, but it’s been designed to be primarily of interest to men. It will give them the opportunity to explore their relationships with other men, and to discover something about their own relation to masculinity and maleness.”

You can download the script here: Real Men (pdf)

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